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Columbia Industrial Sales Corp. changes name to
Columbia Engineered Rubber, Inc. 

October 8, 2007

Dear Valued Customers,

Columbia Industrial Sales Corp, manufacturer of custom molded rubber components, would like to announce a recent name change from Columbia Industrial Sales Corp. to Columbia Engineered Rubber, Inc.

The new corporate name establishes a clearer link between our organization and the excellence we offer our customers through the innovative design and manufacturing of custom molded rubber and rubber to metal bonded solutions.

There has been no change to the Columbia management team or to corporate ownership; however with Columbia’s continued growth in delivering innovative solutions in the area of custom molded rubber products for our customers, a more appropriate name was needed to reflect the diverse capabilites of our organization.

Utilizing the latest in computer controlled manufacturing, testing and quality equipment, Columbia continues to produce industry leading custom molded rubber components helping our customers in the, Plumbing, Automotive, Medical, Food and Beverage, Hydraulic/Pneumatic, Defense and General Industry, sustain a competitive advantage in todays market place.

If you would like to learn more about Columbia Enginerred Rubber and capabilities we offer, please visit our web site at

Columbia Engineered Rubber, Inc.
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